Stefane Fermigier

CPS lays a (big) egg

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I'm experimenting with eggification of CPS, trying to have support in place for the upcoming CPS 3.4.0 release. I already have something basic working, here is how to test it:

  1. Create a fresh Zope 2.8.4 instance (with Python 2.4).
  2. Download the Basket product from (I have tested with version 0.2)
  3. Download the CPS egg from
  4. Create a lib/python directory in your instance, and put the egg there
  5. Start Zope and play with CPS

  1. If it doesn't work, you may checkout CPS3 from SVN from and, type 'make' then 'make egg' and hack the until your egg is working (well that's how I did it anyway). Then send me the patch or commit your changes if you have SVN access.
  2. The big egg will be broken into smaller eggs. I fact, that is the main reasons to have eggs in the first place, because currently the installation procedure is not simpler that with the normal tarball.
  3. I hope the Basket product will be integrated soon into Zope, though I understand it's already too late for Zope 2.9.

BTW: kudos to chrism for the Basket product!