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Damien Metzler on the benefits of contributing to the Nuxeo code base

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Damien Metlzer, who's with Leroy Merlin and has been working on OpenSocial integration in Nuxeo EP, has an extensive blog post about the history of this significant contribution to the Nuxeo EP code base.

Here are, according to him, some of the benefits of contributing to Nuxeo:

  • Our code is reviewed by Nuxeo Architects and well integrated in the core distribution.
  • We had to make the generic code generic, and make the specific parts plugin of it.  I really think its a proof a quality and that i made us ask for the good questions.
  • Apart from making the code generic, it did cost us nothing
  • I think that the value of a portal is the number of app you can integrate into it. Theorically we have all iGoogle gadgets that are integrable (and that makes a lot ;-) ). I other people contribute by making "Enterprise ready gadgets" on top of the Nuxeo Platform, we will gain benefit from it (if you want some ideas, call me ;-) )
  • As funny as it could be, as we have a Nuxeo Connect Support, we could post JIRA tickets about our own bugs (really funny :-p)

So once again, many thanks to you and your team on behalf of the Nuxeo community.

Program for Nuxeo Dev Day (Paris, 1st Dec.) is now online

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I’m happy to report that we’ve finished setting up the conference program for the first Nuxeo Developer Day in Paris, which will take place on 1st December, as a “community session” during the awesome Open World Forum 2008.

The conference will be a unique opportunity for you to meet and discuss with the Nuxeo core developers, and to exchange your experiences as users of the framework with fellow Nuxeo applications developers.

Only caveat: there are a limited number of available seats (50) and if you intend to attend (attendance is free, BTW), we ask you to say so by sending a mail to

First European Nuxeo Developer Day - Dec. 1 2008

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I’m pleased to announce that we are organizing, with the help of several other people, the first “big event” in the Nuxeo Community: the Nuxeo Developer Day.

It will take place during the “Open World Forum” event in Paris, on Dec. 1 2008.

The program is still under construction, but in any case I can promise it will be intense and will please even the most hardcore developers.

Here are some highlights:

  • What’s new in Nuxeo 5.2 (codenamed “Chicago”)
  • Roadmap for 2009 and beyond
  • Interoperability (including the emerging CMIS standard)
  • Several case studies from all across Europe (Spain, Sweden, UK…)
  • Technical talks about just about everything that is new or cool in Nuxeo 5.2:
    • The new Nuxeo Core / SQL repository
    • OpenSocial integration
    • WebEngine
    • RIA frontends (Flex, GWT…)
    • Glassfish integration
    • Nuxeo Runtime and OSGi
    • Nuxeo RCP
    • Mobile applications w/ Nuxeo
    • Semantic applications

All the talks will be given in English.

Attendance is free. Even lunch will be provided by the organizers ;)

However, as there are only a limited number of seats (50) in the room, we ask that you to register before the event (preferably ASAP).

You can do so by just sending me an email (

Or by registering on Facebook if you have an account there (you may also want to join the Nuxeo User Group on Facebook).

Note that the Open World Forum lasts for 2 days, so if you’re coming from far away, and are interested in the politics or economics of open source and innovation in Europe, you may also want to stay in Paris for the second day (Dec. 2).

Announcing Nuxeo Weekly News

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I have just published the second issue of Nuxeo Weekly News, the newsletter we have started to publish every monday to keep the Nuxeo community informed of what’s going on with the project, and to provide some insight about where we are heading.

For those who missed it, the first issue is still available.

I will appreciate any feedback (positive or negative) about it.