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Video interview during the Open World Forum

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I was at the Open World Forum last week (which I also help organize) and had the pleasure to be interviewed by Sandro Groganz, a partner with Age Of Peers and a specialist of open source marketing.

Here me answer questions about our open source business model, about open source marketing, and about the french open source ecosystem.

Here is the video on YouTube:

Gems from the Nuxeo TV Channel

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Update: has, in an incredibly unprofessional turn of events, decided to remove all of our content from their platform, with absolutely not notice and no way to get back our videos.

So most of the information below is now obsolete, and kept there only for reference. If you're looking for up-to-date content (unfortunately presented in a less engaging way), you should now head to this page on the Nuxeo resource center.

Given the way we've been treated by, I categorically recommend anyone to stay away from them if you're trying to do some serious business.

Video interview shot during the Open World Forum

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Here is a video interview of me shot by TiViPro during the recent Open World Forum un Paris.

Here is a rough transcript:

Nuxeo is the pioneer and leader of ECM. Our software is used by large companies throughout the world to help them manage all their documents and digital assets, such as images or emails.

Nuxeo is an open source vendor. That means we are developing a platform, a technology, in a completely open source and transparent way. Everyone can access our source code, make contributions and participate in our community. And we work with partners, such as systems integrators or vertical application vendors, to help them create specific applications that are used by the end users. These applications can deal with aspects such as collaboration, workflow, compliance on processes around documents. Since our technology is base on open source Java, it is very easy to set up, to customize and to extend for systems integrators, because a lot of people around the world already know the Java programming language, and there are a lot of supporting tools.

Nuxeo is quite satisfied by its current situation. We are selling new contracts every day in several different countries. We are growing, in France and in the USA, and we are looking for 15 new people to hire in our team.

A similar interview has also been conducted in French.

Interview vidéo par Neteco

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J'ai été interviewé par Ariane Beky de la semaine dernière, à la fois sur la création et l'évolution de Nuxeo depuis 8 ans et sur mon implication dans le mouvement du logiciel libre en France depuis 10 ans.

L'interview video est en ligne sur