Informatique médicale: Linux plutôt que NT


La société allemande pour l'informatique en médecine, en biométrique et en épidémiologie à récemment émis une recommandantion qui déconseille l'utilisation de NT en milieu médical. Selon Hans Zoebelein, repris par Linux Weekly News, GMDS states that the advertised C2 security of Windows NT is valid only after special measures like totally disconnecting the server from the net, ``which makes the system practically useless''. GMDS warns also that system security of NT installations is weakened by application software,which sometimes needs incsecure settings to run. GMDS states that ``NT security mechanism if carefully set up, can reach the level of ordinary UNIX systems. Some stuff is somewhat better, some stuff is somewhat worse. On the practical side, there are considerable deficiencies concerning the reliability of the implementation. Numerous conceptional security gaps and implementation errors put Windows NT on the same level as older UNIX systems. The work group therefore recommends to choose current UNIX sytems, particulary LINUX. The following advices are valid if nevertheless a net has to use Windows NT as operating system...''.

Voir aussi le texte original, en Allemand.