Open Source Projects

Main projects

I'm the founder or a cofounder of several open source projects:

Still active

  • Olapy (2017): an experimental OLAP engine based on Pandas.
  • Abilian SBE (2012): Abilian Social Business Engine - an enterprise social networking / collaboration platform.
  • Apache Stanbol (2008): a set of reusable components for semantic content management.
  • Apache Chemistry (2007): an open source implementations of the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification.
  • Nuxeo EP (2007): an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platform.


  • Nuxeo CPS (2002): a Zope-based platform to build intranet and document management applications. Nuxeo CPS was replaced in 2007 by Nuxeo EP (see above).

Other projects

I'm also a maintainer of several open source projects:

  • Tentakel: a program for executing the same command on many hosts in parallel using various remote methods, which can be useful when managing a few servers.