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  • More To Life Than Windows, Computer Reseller News, June 15, 1998. Linux, a variation of Unix, has built up quite a following over the years. "Linux is catching on because it keeps its promises," said VAR Gary Fisher, owner of Spectrum Electronics Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich. "Because it comes with built-in support for a wide variety of networks, Linux enters most businesses on a server."
  • TALE OF TWO SHOWS: Worlds Apart -- A Study In Contrasts: From Linux To Microsoft In A Day, Computer Reseller News, June 15, 1998.
  • Red Hat Adds To Linux 5.1, Computer Reseller News, June 15, 1998.
  • Will Sybase's Future Be Glorious Or Grim?, Network Computing, June 01, 1998. Whatever Is One to Do? There are three small steps the folks at Sybase can take to turn this around before it's too late. [...] - Linux Support Second, Sybase should support Linux fully and support it for next to nothing. It will cost the company very little in actual dollars, yet it will gain the support of ISPs and other die-hard Unix users, which will serve it well in the long run. Sure, Sybase's partners in the RISC server world will be annoyed, but what contribution is that making to its overall market share?