Revue de presse

  • Will Ballmer take the fall when Linux supplants Windows NT 5.0?, Nicholas Petreley, Infoworld, 27 juillet 1998.
    When I heard that Steve Ballmer was promoted to the office of president at Microsoft, I couldn't help but wonder if he was being set up to take the fall when Windows NT 5.0 proves to be a catastrophic market failure and Linux supplants Windows NT as the future server operating system of choice.
  • Linux tries to break Windows' dominance, The Globe and Mail, 29 juillet 1998.
  • For the love of Linux, LAN Times, juillet 1998.
    In fact, I sat laughing snidely into my notebook until they showed me a PC running Linux. And oh! It was as though the heavens opened and God handed down a client-side OS so beautiful, so graceful, and so elegant that a million Microsoft developers couldn't have invented it even if they had a hundred years and a thousand crates of Jolt cola.
  • The Linux revolution, the SF Gate, 2 Aout 1998.
  • Why ISP Favorite Linux Is Winning Broader Industry Support, InternetWorld, 27 juillet 1998.
    [...] at this point Linux is a more credible challenge to the Windows desktop than the Java network computer.

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