Offre d'emploi à Paris


Idea Net cherche un programmeur Linux/Perl/Java/C++ sur Paris. L'annonce complète (en anglais):

We are looking for a programmer familiar with UNIX/Linux who will work with us on three disctinct tasks:
  • Developper/sys-admin of our Ski IN global ski guide website. Ski IN is one of the largest ski and winter sports guides on the net with inormation on over 2300 resorts in 60 countries presented in four languages. We view this product both as a prototype for our content management developments (see below) and as a profit centre. The product runs on Red Hat with an Apache server and MySQL databases. Front end programming is mostly in ModPerl with some server side JAVA.
  • Development of Web and Intranet applications for our service customers. We currently service such customers as Lapeyre group (Solaris), Les Complices (NT and Linux), International Herald Tribune (Linux), L'Oreal (NT). One of the roles of the developper will be to help develop functionality for our Unix based customers using standard programming environments (PERL and server side java - linked to databases). Possibility of incorporating Netscape server software also to be considered depending on the profile of the candidate.
  • New tools development. We have a strategic objective to create a set of tools to help webstite managers manage the content in their sites. The product would ideally be developed in Java for portability but optimised for LINUX. The candidate would help us to develop and architect certain modules of this software.

Contact: Jean-Marc Holder -- Idea Net -- 6 Rue Monsigny -- F-75002, Paris -- Tel: +33 1 49 26 09 85.