Revue de presse américaine


Quelques articles particulièrement positifs et publiés dans des media américains importants:

  • Linux: The Back Door Is Open, ZDNN, 11 spet 1998.
    ``[...] Linux's rise to prominence could prove exquisitely timed: Get Linux onto servers; wait for a decent interface and better office applications to develop; then, move onto the desktop. All the while, keep emphasizing that support will come from the thousands of Linux developers -- all who understand its inner workings and who don't work for a single monolithic software company.''
  • Little Linux takes on mighty Microsoft, USA Today, 9 sept 1998.
  • The Penguin That Roared, San Francisco Chronicle, 8 sept 1998.
    ``The biggest challenge facing Microsoft may not be coming from the Justice Department or Sun Microsystems. Rather, it's in the form of a free operating system called Linux. [...]''
  • No SOS for This OS, New York Daily News, 6 sept 1998.