Top 10 reasons to use CPSSkins according to Jean-Marc Orliaguet


Jean-Marc's slides for his Europython 2005 talk are now online.

One great thing about his talk is that he's come up with a "Top 10 reasons to use CPSSkins" which are:

  • 10. modify your site design without restarting the server
  • 9. cache page fragments without setting up a Squid
  • 8. create a design that works on all CSS2-compliant browsers
  • 7. do tableless design without spending hours on it
  • 6. respect Web standards without reading the W3 specs
  • 5. create visual variation across your site
  • 4. prevent content creators from altering the site's design
  • 3. allow content creators to be more creative, but not too much
  • 2. focus on form and content and not just on technique
  • 1. don't reinvent the wheel, spend time on real development

One can read more background information about CPSSkins in Jean-Marc's last year talk (but this was before the introduction of portlets into the framework, so things have changed quite a bit this last year).

I think that CPSSkins doesn't yet have the success it deserves, probably because people don't yet get the whole advantage they can get from using it, and this is a shame because it is really a terrific product.