JavaScript to become more pythonic


Brendan Eich blog:

Given the years of development in Python and similarities to ECMAScript in application domains and programmer communities, we would rather follow than lead. By standing on Python’s shoulders we reuse developer knowledge as well as design and implementation experience. The trick then becomes not borrowing too much from Python, just enough to gain the essential benefits: structured value-generating continuations and a general iteration protocol.
The wiki in which I typed that brief "let's be Pythonic" argument quoted above is a docuwiki instance set up for ECMA TG1 by Graydon Hoare, who (I'm thrilled to report) has joined us at Mozilla recently. We hope to make this wiki world-readable at some point not too far off. In the mean time, I will blog with more details about the emerging ES4 language design, and about what features from it will show up when in JS1.7 and higher numbered versions to be shipped in Firefox 2 and 3.
More infohere.