CPS 3.4.0: screencasts and Windows installer available


We've already posted an announcement on nuxeo.com (here in english, andhere in french), as well as on zope.org (here) and freshmeat ( here).

Now, the release and the early announcement are just the beginning, because we really want people to try out this new version.

We have createdour first screencasts (in Flash, using Macromedia Captivate - there is nothing wrong with pyvnc2swf, but it only addresses capture, not editing).

And we have aWindows installer, that bundles about everything (Python, Zope, CPS, wvware, ppthtml, xlhtml, xsltproc...) that's needed (even non-mandatory tools) to run CPS on Windows, installs CPS in 4 clicks, and provide a GUI controller for the CPS instance.

There is a lot more work to do (update cps-project.org, update the white papers about CPS, more screencasts, create packages for Linux and MacOS, etc.).