CPS4 project officially started!


Two signs that the CPS4 project has officially started:

  • Florent has committed a roadmap in the SVN. (This roadmap will obviously be the basis for next week sprint at Nuxeo's office in Paris).
  • The CPS4 mailing list is now open for the community (and last week's private discussion archives are available too).

Now, you may ask, "what is CPS4?"

In a couple of sentences, that will be expanded in upcoming blog postings: CPS4 is the evolution of CPS3 towards more openness and more scalability. We keep all the ECM functions we like in CPS framework (the repository, the documents schemas, the directories, events, skins, portlets, relations...) , and we leverage both the work done on the Z3ECM project, and the offering of the Apache project (Lucene, Jackrabbit) and a few other established infrastructure Java projects. Last thing: we plan to use the ICE high-performance communication engine for communication between the different components.

FAQ: "Is the CPS 3.4 branch still supported?" R: of course, we also plan to do a CPS 3.4.1 release very soon.