CPS4/Z3ECM sprint, day 2, minimal report


Yesterday was the second day of the Z3ECM / CPS4 sprint.

Michael and Lennart have got Zope 2 working on a Twisted server. They are using the Zope 3 publisher now in Zope 2. No benchmarking has been done yet. The code lives in Sidnei's publication-refactor branch of Zope2 (Sidnei did most of the work).

Tarek, Joachim and Jean-Marc have worked on CPSSkins integration. There were many branches. They finally landed on a Philikon branch where Jean-Marc did all the hard work. Tarek is now working on a "resource library" for Zope 2. Joachim is trying to use the JS library package that was created yesterday manually.

Florent and Dario have written an importer for JCR schemas expressed in CND notation. They have a parser for that and are able to build a Zope 3 schema from it. They are now stuck on the fact that the JCR can have children with the same name.