Upcoming Nuxeo 5.1.3 release + Updated roadmap


The Nuxeo EP 5.1.3 release is coming along nicely after a small delay due to the holiday break, and will be tagged in a couple of days.

The roadmap for the project in 2008 has been updated accordingly.

Feel free to discuss it in the mailing list or the forum if you have questions, suggestions or to supply missing information.

As can be seen, Nuxeo 5.1.3 will not be just a maintenance release, as we’ve been able to add new features by creating new plugins (ex: WebDAV, Portlets, SSO, etc.) thanks to a now quite stable infrastructure and API.

Nuxeo 5.1.3 will also be based on Nuxeo Runtime and Core 1.4, which feature some improvements while staying compatible with the previous version (1.3). The switch to Nuxeo Core 1.4 was done in December and has proved very stable.

After the 5.1.3 release, we’re going to focus on the 5.2 (trunk) work, so as to move to Seam 2 for the web platform. Most new features will still be developed as new components, and will either be delivered with the next maintenance release (Nuxeo 5.1.4) or with Nuxeo 5.2, or both, depending on technical feasibility and customers needs or community contributions.