Damien Metzler on the benefits of contributing to the Nuxeo code base


Damien Metlzer, who's with Leroy Merlin and has been working on OpenSocial integration in Nuxeo EP, has an extensive blog post about the history of this significant contribution to the Nuxeo EP code base.

Here are, according to him, some of the benefits of contributing to Nuxeo:

  • Our code is reviewed by Nuxeo Architects and well integrated in the core distribution.
  • We had to make the generic code generic, and make the specific parts plugin of it.  I really think its a proof a quality and that i made us ask for the good questions.
  • Apart from making the code generic, it did cost us nothing
  • I think that the value of a portal is the number of app you can integrate into it. Theorically we have all iGoogle gadgets that are integrable (and that makes a lot ;-) ). I other people contribute by making "Enterprise ready gadgets" on top of the Nuxeo Platform, we will gain benefit from it (if you want some ideas, call me ;-) )
  • As funny as it could be, as we have a Nuxeo Connect Support, we could post JIRA tickets about our own bugs (really funny :-p)

So once again, many thanks to you and your team on behalf of the Nuxeo community.