"10 reasons why Nuxeo is using GlassFish" presentation


Sun has launched GlassFish Portfolio yesterday.

During the pre-launch press conference in Paris, we’ve been invited by Sun to present how we are integrating GlassFish in our open source ECM technology stack. (Many thanks to Alexis for the invitation).

I outlined the top 10 reasons why GlassFish is a good match to both our open source business model and our technology needs:

  • 10: GlassFish Embedded
  • 9: Provisioning and administration (Update Center)
  • 8: Standard process (JCP), preview of cool technologies (JAX-RS, EJB 3.1 / Java EE 6)
  • 7: Interoperability (ex: Metro)
  • 6: Developers agility (short startup time, scripting support)
  • 5: Documentation, support
  • 4: Reference implementation of the Java EE 5 standard
  • 3: HK2 microkernel (modularity, OSGi, service orientation, dependency injection)
  • 2: Quality, enterprise-readiness, performance and scalability
  • 1: Momentum, open source community

The Slides are here:

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Update: the video is also available (in French):