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Update: has, in an incredibly unprofessional turn of events, decided to remove all of our content from their platform, with absolutely not notice and no way to get back our videos.

So most of the information below is now obsolete, and kept there only for reference. If you're looking for up-to-date content (unfortunately presented in a less engaging way), you should now head to this page on the Nuxeo resource center.

Given the way we've been treated by, I categorically recommend anyone to stay away from them if you're trying to do some serious business.

Here's this old content:

It's not a secret that over the last few years, we've been at Nuxeo busy producing more and more screencasts, webcasts, video clips to help people understand the value and better leverage our products (Nuxeo DM, DAM, and CMF), technologies (Nuxeo EP) and support offering (Nuxeo Connect, including Nuxeo Studio).

You can find most of these videos on our Nuxeo Blip.TV ( channel and our YouTube channel, but for your convenience, I will in this blog post highlight the videos that should be most useful to you to get acquainted with, or increase your knowledge of, our products.

Who we are and what we stand for

This 2 min musical slideshow was produced to be broadcasted at this year's Open World Forum. It gives a very short introduction on who we are, what problems we are trying to solve, and how we are solving them:

There are many misconceptions in the business world about the risks and benefits of open source. In this webinar, we address them in the context of ECM, a discipline traditionally dominated by proprietary vendors, focussing on Nuxeo's roots since the year 2000 as an open source software vendor:

This longer webinar is focussed on our core vision: that it best to address the ECM needs of our customers, not by providing monolithic and hard to customize and integrate ECM suites as other software vendor usually do, but by starting from an ECM platform, modular and extensible, providing the right applications on top of it, and ensuring maximal ease of integration with your other content oriented applications through the use of open standards such as CMIS:

Nuxeo DM (Document Management)

This 2 min "trailer" was produced to introduce Nuxeo DM 5.2 when it was released. It is a short, dynamic and entertaining way to discover how to manage your documents with Nuxeo DM.

These short clips showcase the most commonly used features of Nuxeo DM:

These short clips focus on various aspects of desktop integration with Nuxeo:

Short clips on collaboration features:

Some advanced features:

A few longer webcasts:

Nuxeo DAM (Digital Asset Management)

This short clip highlights the new features in Nuxeo DAM 1.1:

This longer webinar was produced when we launched Nuxeo DAM in March 2010:

Nuxeo CMF (Case Management Framework)

This short webcast was produced when we launched our case management framework in July 2010. Nuxeo CMF adds functionality to Nuxeo EP to support the flow of related content items that needs to be handled, managed and analyzed in a case-centric metaphor. This includes classes of applications such as: invoice processing, contracts management, correspondence management, personnel file management, incident tracking, etc.

Nuxeo Studio

Nuxeo Studio is our innovative graphical configuration workbench dedicated to help technically savvy business users, solution providers, and system integrators to rapidly configure the Nuxeo platform (EP) or products (DM, DAM, CMF), adapting the platform to their organization's or client's unique requirements, without extensive training.

This webinar, featuring an extended demo, introduce Studio:

We've also started producing a few videos that highlights the features of Nuxeo Studio. Here are the first ones:

Upcoming features

  • Nuxeo Marketplace - Sneak Peek (4'26'') - Nuxeo Marketplace will be a complete solution catalog offering plug-ins, templates and applications created by Nuxeo developers, partners and customers.

Feedback is welcome

We're now producing about one new webinar / week, and if there is any topic you would like us to cover in a next episode, please tell your wishes in the comments and we will see how we can fulfill them.