Nuxeo EP 5.4 has been released!


We have announced today the release of Nuxeo EP 5.4 (or 5.4.0).

To celebrate this achievement, we have issued several announcements:

A press release for a functional / business audience:

A second, more technical press release:

This page gives an overview of the new version:

These are the full-length, highly technical, release notes:

And if you didn't get enough already, here's the full list of the 449 issues closed by this release:

You can download the various packages from the download section of

Many thanks to everyone (core developers and contributors) who has contributed to this release.

As you can read in the announcement, this is not over, far from it, as this new release introduces several innovations that open the gate for more contributions.

One of them is the new Nuxeo Marketplace, and we're counting on you to create applications (this is now very easy using Nuxeo Studio) or plugins, on top of the Nuxeo EP platform, that we will soon be able to put in the Marketplace so they can be easily accessible by all our customers.