The slides decks for my presentation at Nuxeo World are online


The slide decks for the two presentations I did during Nuxeo World 2010 last week are now online on SlideShare (alongside all the other Nuxeo World 2010 presentations).

Towards Semantic ECM: Report on the IKS and Scribo Projects

In this presentation, done with my colleague Olivier Grisel, we've presented how semantic technologies can impact the ECM landscape, and showcased recent developments, based on collaborative R&D carried out with the Scribo and IKS consortia, that have been recently been integrated, as add-ons, to Nuxeo DM.

(You may prefer to download the slides directly in PDF form.)

This presentation kicked off our "Open Source Semantic ECM European Tour 2010", with another similar presentation scheduled tomorrow at the Semantic Co-Lab in Paris, and another one in two weeks during the IKS Early Adopters Workshop in Amsterdam.

Mobile ECM Apps with Nuxeo EP

In this presentation, which I did with my colleague Benjamin Jalon, we presented the results of recent experiments putting ECM on a mobile phone, using two radically different approaches: mobile web apps and mobile native apps.

(You may prefer to download the slides directly in PDF form.)

Watch this place for news about the availability of a Mobile ECM add-on for Nuxeo DM and possibly other Nuxeo products.