Preliminary Nuxeo EP roadmap for 2010


We have recently brainstormed internally and discussed with some of our customers and ECM analysts the roadmap for our planned improvements of Nuxeo EP.

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In summary:

  1. We want to make it easier for “users” (in the largest sense, from end users to Java developers) to use the platform in ways that bring value to their businesses.

  2. Short term (Q1 and Q2 2010) technical improvements will include:

    • full CMIS support (icluding all the possible bells and whistles)
    • semantic features (auto-categorization and auto-tagging of content, named entities extraction, images clustering…)
    • better Windows server and desktop integration
    • rules, workflow and reporting
  3. We will improve developer experience by implementing extension points hot reload (for shorter compile/deploy/test cycles) and focussing on Nuxeo Studio.

  4. We will create new packaged profiles, or “distributions”, of Nuxeo EP + extensions, some as full-fledged applications targetting specific segments of the ECM space, such as Nuxeo RM (for Records Management), Nuxeo SDS (Structured Document Server) or Nuxeo Correspondence, and others as more technical components that can be easily embedded by systems integrators or ISVs in more complex product.

Read the slides for more information, then join the discussion on the community forum, or on the nuxeo-dev developers mailing list if you’d like to get involved with development of new features.

Everyone’s welcome to contribute.