Why you should come to Nuxeo World next November


Here's a short movie I made recently to give you an idea of what you should expect from Nuxeo World 2010 that will take place in Paris on November 17-18.

Note: a French version of the movie is also available.


Hi, I'm the founder of Nuxeo, a 10 year old company that is the specialist of open source ECM.

For me, Nuxeo World is a very import event, because it's the main gathering of the Nuxeo Community. Like every other open source communities, it is made of people that are really scattered around the world, who communicate through electronic newsletters or forums.

But for us, it is also important that we meet with every member of the community and we start discussing face to face the roadmap for the Nuxeo technologies, the main projects that have been carried out using them.

It is also important that we speak together during these two days, that we share a common vision of what Nuxeo is and what Nuxeo can become.

For me there are two main reasons to come to Nuxeo World.

The first one is the program: we have created a very high-level program with speakers from the core Nuxeo development teams, but also the main contributors to the Nuxeo project, and users that have created innovative projects in their own companies using the Nuxeo technologies.

With this program, people who are new to the Nuxeo technologies and community, but also people who are already experienced, will learn a lot of new information that will help them create new projects or products with the Nuxeo technologies.

The second reason it the whole idea of bringing people together, talking together, sharing ideas, making projects, with the goal of creating new products in the future with our technology.