Several updates to the Nuxeo community sites


We've been busy during the holidays updating the different Nuxeo community websites:

  • The forum (as I already announced) has moved to a new forum engine that should be more robust that the previous one:

  • The documentation site has a new home page with, we hope, a clearer roadmap to navigate through the documentation:

    We've also have written a new "beginner's page" (aka: "everything you need to know about Nuxeo in 5 minutes"):

    And a "business FAQ" that should be helpful when responding to a RFP:

    We're still busy updating other parts of the documentation.

  • There is now a "home page" that aggregates info from the community sites (forum, blogs and documentation), and also provides the key links for newcomers.

  • You can also subscribe to the RSS feed that provides updates similar to the "wall" provided by (with a bit of additional filtering):

I hope you will find these enhancements useful. Of course there might be some issues since everything is still new, so feel free to report (in the comments below, or in the mailing list / the forum) any problems or suggest enhancements.