Slides and video from my "Mobile ECM applications with Appcelerator and PhoneGap" talk last week


Last Thursday I spoke at the JavaScript for Enterprise Applications (JSE2011) conference (that I also co-organised with my friend Jean-Paul Smets from Nexedi/ERP5/TioLive).

I wanted to talk about the soon to be released mobile ECM clients we are building for the Nuxeo platform, which I'm going to write a longer blog post soon.

Here are my slides:

And a video:

Overall it was a really good conference, with a lot of material covered over the course of the afternoon and a room packed full of interested and interesting people.

Medium_Telecom Javascript Conf15

You can find the slides of the other presenters (Sergey Ilinsky, Jean-Paul Smets, Gabriel Monnerat, Alexis Deveria, Daniel Glazman, Ori Perelman and Rik Arends) on the conference web page.

Jean-Marie Chauvet did a wonderful write-up of the conference on ITR Manager (in French), adding his personal perspective on this fascinating subject.

Medium_Telecom Javascript Conf17