Videos related to two of our R&D projects now available


Besides the IKS and Scribo projects on semantic technologies which we have already covered on these blogs, Nuxeo is also a partner of several other collaborative R&D projects.

Two of these projects were presented during the IRILL days last October.


DORM, or Derived Object Repository Manager, aims at managing binary objects created by software builds, sur as JARs, DLLs, etc.

You can think about it as Maven repository manager (such as Sonatype's Nexus, Apache's Archiva or Jfrog's Artifactory), but not limited to the Java world.

See the video here, where Pierre Queinec, from Zenika, one of the companies in the project, explains it in greater details:

Download video: MP4 format | Ogg format

Compatible One

Compatible One is an "Open source cloudware for the creation, deployment and management of private, public and hybrid cloud platforms".

It was started last november, has 14 partners (including of course Nuxeo), will last 2 years, and will receive 6 MEUR from various french administrations and public organisations.

The video below by Jean-Pierre Laisné will give you some insight on the project, in the context of the more global "Open Source Cloudware Initiative" (OSCI) within the OW2 consortium:

Download video: MP4 format | Ogg format