Nuxeo now incubated as an OW2 project


A month ago, we became a member of the OW2 consortium, an international organization and ecosystem primarily devoted to producing open source middleware, integration and cloud computing software, most of them based on the Java platform.

Established as ObjectWeb in 2002, OW2 a major open source technological and business ecosystem, with 59 strategic and corporate members over 3 continents (mostly in France, USA - via its merger with the Open Solutions Alliance in 2009 -, Germany and China) and more than 1500 individual members.

In this regard, OW2 is a huge business opportunity for partnerships with other technology providers or technology integrators. Indeed, several of our partners in R&D projects (Bull, OpenWide, Enovance, INRIA, Talend, XWiki, Nexedi...) are already members of OW2, so joining OW2 was both a way to acknowledge our belonging to a common ecosystem, and a way to foster new technical and business collaborations, which is our main way of bringing our products to the market.

Another, more immediate, reason to join OW2 is its Open Source Cloudware Initiative (OSCi), which makes it the community partner of the Compatible One "cloudware" project in which Nuxeo is one of the major contributors.

After joining OW2, we've also taken steps to submit the "Nuxeo project" (the whole stack of Nuxeo technologies that are used to power our open source products such as Nuxeo DM, DAM, CMF, etc.) as an "OW2 project".

After a review by the OW2 technology council, I'm happy to report that Nuxeo has been unanimously accepted as an "incubating project", and is now referenced on the OW2 website.

The next steps will be to "graduate" to the status of "mature project". Given the project's history and the focus on quality that characterizes our software engineering process, we are confident that this will happen sooner rather than later.