Week-end readings #1


(A new series of post dedicated to interesting stuff found on the web).

Writing desktop apps using web technologies

Chromium as an embedded platform for desktop apps.

... with Python bindings.

... used by Inky, (yet another) "next gen" email client, build w/ Python and Chromium. Unfortunately I'm not convinced.

BTW, dotMail is another supposedly insanely great mail app that will probably never be built.

RIP Titanium Desktop (now TideSDK): http://www.tidesdk.org/blog/2013/04/13/human-resources-and-growing-expectations/

A synthetic post on the subject: http://clintberry.com/2013/html5-apps-desktop-2013/

A pricier (non open source) solution: http://bellite.io/ (doesn't seem to have much traction either).

Productivity porn

Bullet Journal: GTD like methods based on a pocket notebook.

GTD meets Kanban: http://creatingpersonalflow.com/blog/category/merging-gtd-and-kanban

Interesting blog: http://creatingpersonalflow.com/

Nozbe seems to be the trendy GTD app at this point. Omnifocus seems to be considered as too rigid by many.