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Tour de Nuxeo, Stage 3: The Nuxeo architecture

As we've seen in stage 1 of this Tour de Nuxeo, Nuxeo EP is a platform that implements all the major services that are expected nowadays to manage content at an enterprise scale.

Seven reasons why Nuxeo uses Java for open source ECM awesomeness

So today's the 7th of July (7/7), and also, not so coincidentally, the day Oracle has chosen as the official day to launch Java 7.

Video, slides and transcript of my talk at the Nuxeo DevDay

My keynote presentation at the Nuxeo DevDay last Monday was called “The Nuxeo Way: using open source to build a world-class open source ECM platform”.

Slides from the Eclipse Summit Europe 2008

A set of slide decks from the Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 has been recently tagged and featured on

Are Nuxeo's open source projects truly community-driven? You bet they are!

Dion Almaer wrote yesterday a blog entry with a list of criteria that, in his opinion, make an open source project truly community-driven (which is, of course, a Good Thing(tm)).

Back from BrainCamp Ouverture 2007

As some people know already, I have participated in the creation of Ouverture (né “Open Source Valley”), the Competitiveness cluster dedicated to Free and Open Source Software in the Paris area.

JavaOne 2007: our talk about Nuxeo has been accepted

I’m very happy (some would say "ecstatic" ;) ) to report that our talk proposal for the JavaOne conference has been accepted by the program committee.

Java, OSS and innovation

“Cristiano”, from, has written a comment about our switch from Python to Java in his blog.

"Eclipse Now You Can" slides are now online

The slides for the presentations given at the "Eclipse Now You Can" (including mine of course), are now online.

I'm now an Eclipse pundit ;)

It's official now :).