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New blog engine

This blog has a new blog engine, the fifth one since I've started blogging in 1997.

Nuxeo + Ubuntu = open source ECM for the masses

I'm happy that we announced today that: Our Nuxeo DM packages have been accepted in the Ubuntu "Partner" repository, so that it's even easier than before to install Nuxeo DM (and soon, other products from Nuxeo) on an Ubuntu Linux server.

Tour de Nuxeo, Stage 3: The Nuxeo architecture

As we've seen in stage 1 of this Tour de Nuxeo, Nuxeo EP is a platform that implements all the major services that are expected nowadays to manage content at an enterprise scale.

Seven reasons why Nuxeo uses Java for open source ECM awesomeness

So today's the 7th of July (7/7), and also, not so coincidentally, the day Oracle has chosen as the official day to launch Java 7.

Tour de Nuxeo, Stage 2: What is Nuxeo?

This is stage 2 of the 2011 "Tour de Nuxeo".

Tour de Nuxeo, Stage 1 - Why manage content?

This is stage 1 of the 2011 "Tour de Nuxeo".

Nuxeo now incubated as an OW2 project

A month ago, we became a member of the OW2 consortium, an international organization and ecosystem primarily devoted to producing open source middleware, integration and cloud computing software, most of them based on the Java platform.

Videos related to two of our R&D projects now available

Besides the IKS and Scribo projects on semantic technologies which we have already covered on these blogs, Nuxeo is also a partner of several other collaborative R&D projects.

Software Engineering Paper: "Lessons learned developing the Nuxeo EP open source, component-based, ECM platform"

You can't create great software without both a vision and discipline.

Preliminary Nuxeo EP roadmap for 2010

We have recently brainstormed internally and discussed with some of our customers and ECM analysts the roadmap for our planned improvements of Nuxeo EP.