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Video, slides and transcript of my talk at the Nuxeo DevDay

My keynote presentation at the Nuxeo DevDay last Monday was called “The Nuxeo Way: using open source to build a world-class open source ECM platform”.

What a month! (Quick reflections two weeks after our Java switch)

We announced our switch to Java two weeks ago.

CPS4/Z3ECM sprint, day 3, short report

Yesterday was the third day of the Z3ECM / CPS4 sprint.

CPS4/Z3ECM sprint, day 2, minimal report

Yesterday was the second day of the Z3ECM / CPS4 sprint.

CPS4/Z3ECM sprint, day 1, short report

The sprint has started yesterday with notable guests Jean-Marc and Dario from Chalmers, Joachim from AixtraWare, and Michael from OpenApp, and a bunch of Nuxeo guys.

Packaging CPS

Packaging CPS is important for ease of installation.

Nuxeo recrute

développeurs Zope/CPS (profil: IUT ou ingénieur, un goût prononcé pour la développement d'applications open-source) et une pour unsysadmin.

CPS 3.4.0: screencasts and Windows installer available

We've already posted an announcement on (here in english, andhere in french), as well as on (here) and freshmeat ( here).

Slides Solutions Linux: "Connectivité CPS et Eclipse"

Bogdan présentait hier lors du salon Solution Linux notre travail autour du client riche pour CPS: le projet Apogée, basé sur Eclipse RCP, que nous venons notamment de soumettre à la Eclipse Foundation.

Zope at the Royal Bank of Scotland

an article about a massive Zope deployment at the Royal Bank of Scottland (for an Intranet, it seems).