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Nuxeo + Ubuntu = open source ECM for the masses

I'm happy that we announced today that: Our Nuxeo DM packages have been accepted in the Ubuntu "Partner" repository, so that it's even easier than before to install Nuxeo DM (and soon, other products from Nuxeo) on an Ubuntu Linux server.

Seven reasons why Nuxeo uses Java for open source ECM awesomeness

So today's the 7th of July (7/7), and also, not so coincidentally, the day Oracle has chosen as the official day to launch Java 7.

New beta Nuxeo DM package for Debian / Ubuntu

We have made a new .deb package of Nuxeo DM for Debian and Ubuntu.

Meet us at Solutions Linux in March, too

Solutions Linux is the oldest and biggest trade show in France dedicated to the open source ecosystem.

Réaction à la publication du plan Besson "France Numérique 2012"

Le plan “France numérique 2012” présenté hier par Eric Besson fait l’impasse sur le secteur du logiciel.

Slides de la présentation "Nuxeo Runtime" de Solution Linux 2007 en ligne

Je viens de mettre en ligne les slides de la présentation de Bogdan sur Nuxeo Runtime.

Packaging CPS

Packaging CPS is important for ease of installation.

CPS 3.4.0: screencasts and Windows installer available

We've already posted an announcement on (here in english, andhere in french), as well as on (here) and freshmeat ( here).

Slides Solutions Linux: "Connectivité CPS et Eclipse"

Bogdan présentait hier lors du salon Solution Linux notre travail autour du client riche pour CPS: le projet Apogée, basé sur Eclipse RCP, que nous venons notamment de soumettre à la Eclipse Foundation.

Debian-based distribution vendors form the Debian Common Core Alliance

The press release says it: Major Linux vendors and non-profit organizations today officially launched the DCC Alliance.